Mind if we toot our own horn?


Anna is a great copy editor. She is very patient and very accessible to you. I have emailed her with questions.  When I needed to meet in person to go over corrections, she was more than willing to meet at my convenience and location.  I would definitely recommend her to other doctoral students.

D. Hiller, Ph.D. student.


I have been working with Anna for a few months and have been extremely grateful to her for helping me meet the needs of my proposed dissertation.  If writing skills are not your strengths, she takes the necessary steps to not only provide editing services, but teach you how to improve on your writing for future works. Since I have been working with Anna I have received approval by my dissertation chair on the various chapters I have been writing.  I recommend her services to anyone who struggles with writing skills.

Tiffany Cooks, Ph.D student

I’ve known Anna for two years, though I’ve never met her personally. However, I trust her and her work very much. Really, she’s the best editor and the grammar checker ever. And I don’t know if anyone charges fairer prices. As an international student, I usually send my papers to her for grammar check. She is very fast (unlike the writing center in the university) and helps me build a stronger paper. If you’re looking for help in producing quality writing, send your paper to her. Anna is AWESOME!

Nameda. M., Ph.D. student

Anna’s assistance gives me confidence in writing papers intended for publication in scientific journals. While I’m focusing on content and scientific materials, I know she will take good care of structure and proofreading. Thanks to Anna, I have more time to spend on my scientific research.

Mohammad Hajhashem, Ph.D. student

Anna not only assisted with proofing or editing, but took the time to explain my errors. Anna was also instrumental in pointing out information that did not support my thesis. Anna squelched my fear of writing.

Heather Leigh, college graduate and office manager

I have been using Anna  for proofing and editing letters, articles and speeches for several years when I need to communicate my written materials in a professional manner. I have found Anna to be exceptional in her ability to keep the meaning and flavor of what I have written, yet “wordsmith” it into a concise and congruent piece that I am proud to present.  She is timely with her response to my needs and very fair in her pricing.

Sallie Weaver, retired CEO