Editing & Proofreading

Our job is to make you look good!

Whether you’re looking to publish commercially, submit an academic paper, or write a business proposal, objective guidance by an editor will bring your project to the professional level your reader expects.  A good editor will give you honest feedback, make suggestions, and correct errors in content and formatting while respecting your work, voice, and goals.

We specialize in assisting graduate students finalize their research proposals and dissertations. We also have extensive experience assisting international graduate students overcome English language issues in the writing of their dissertations.

We do not write papers, conduct research, or fact check for students.


Our fees are consistent with the Editorial Freelancer Association guidelines. It can be difficult to estimate the cost of any editing job. We do our best to estimate based on the level of editing required, but, sometimes we unexpectedly open a can of worms that inadvertently complicates things.

This is why we don’t accept checks. ​ 

New clients are given the opportunity to receive one page of free editing, which allows them to determine our capabilities and us to determine theirs. Edited samples are returned with a per-page or hourly rate and estimated total fee for the project.

  • Basic Proofreading: $4.00/page   

Text that requires proofed for spelling mistakes, typos, ​and errors in ​punctuation and grammar. This service is recommended if your work has been has already gone through several drafts and been reviewed.

  • Proofreading / Substantive Editing: $5.50/page

Includes basic proofreading service as well as assistance with the overall structure of your paper, clarity, word choice, syntax and flow.

  • Deep Editing / Rewriting Service: $40/hour  

Text that needs an extensive rewrite or aggressive editing. Most international students will be charged this rate due to English language issues.

Important Points

  • MS Word or Google Docs only, please.

  • We do not fact check, ghostwrite, or check formatting or references.

  • Short deadline fee added for rush jobs at editor’s discretion.

  • 50% deposit required and balance due upon completion of work.

  • Payment accepted via PayPal only.